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Life is a Trip


Life is a Trip. Judith Fein’s globetrotting adventures remind us that we travel to be changed, in big ways and small. This book is immensely readable, steeped in a spirit of connecting with place, with each other, and with our inner selves. Get a massage in Vietnam, travel the land of the witches, and meet the High Priest of the ancient Israelite Samaritans. You’re in the hands of a writer who has a keen eye and a singular voice.

Keith Bellows

National Geographic Traveler


From irreverence, reverence. That’s the magic of Judith Fein’s writing. Her unconventional view of the world and her grand sense of curiosity open doors to new adventures and understanding, allowing us to look deeply into the differences that keep the word fascinating and the similarities that keep us unified. “Life Is a Trip” is a journey of the heart, soul and mind, and we are much the better for it.

Catharine M. Hamm,
Travel Editor, Los Angeles Times


“In LIFE IS A TRIP, Judith Fein provides a mouth-watering feast of journeys, from Mexico to Micronesia, and from Vietnam to the splendors of Istanbul. Fein’s writing is as honed as the sharpest knife edge, her eye for detail one which many a writer would give their front teeth to match. She deserves great success with this book, not only because of its extraordinary sensitivity, but because it illuminates many lands in a new and remarkable way, from the inside out.”

Tahir Shah
Author of The Caliph’s House, In Arabian Nights


I don’t travel unless I have to. I don’t know Micronesia from a microwave. In fact I find it annoying just to walk from one end of my tiny bungalow to the other, yet when I read Judith Fein’s incredible new book, Life Is A Trip, the Magic of Transformative Travel, I found myself eagerly tagging along on one adventure after another. Ms. Fein doesn’t simply move from place to place, she is moved by every place she goes, and she has the artistic and literary skill to move the reader along with her. This is an excellent book by a very talented writer. And I got to read it without ever having to move at all.

Rabbi Rami Shapiro
Author of Recovery, The Sacred Art


For Judith Fein every day on the road brings a new chance to touch and be touched by a magical world. These beautifully written travel stories and reflections work like 3-D glasses on a flat earth. More than a guide to transformative travel, this is transformative writing, as the author’s keen capacity for amazement help us to see the world and our own lives as amazing.


Danny Rubin
Writer of Groundhog Day

Truth-seeking in travel appears to be Ms. Fein’s mantra. Delightful, vulnerable and at times painful are the scenes revealed in this fantastic volume. She catches the tender details of human interactions and pursuit of spirituality with a theme replete with grace for the subjects. Her writing inspires trust and those who want both heart and mind inspired will not be left wanting. A wonderful read!

Shannon Stowell, President
Adventure Travel Trade Association


I have learned over my 30-year career that the injured and the sick must do more to restore their health than take pills and submit to surgery. More frequently than most patients and physicians realize, the heart, soul and human spirit must be attended to in order for healing to be complete.

Life is a Trip encourages the reader to have adventures in other cultures without even leaving home. Through Fein’s travels, we see healing modalities from other parts of the world that are complementary to those that we are familiar with and which pave the road for complete healing of the body and the soul.

The book is also a great read. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Dana P. Launer, MD, FACS
Director of Medical Staff Affairs
Scripps Memorial Hospital
La Jolla, California


Although LIFE IS A TRIP is a short book it is not necessarily a quick read. It is a deep and breathtaking invitation to a journey; a journey of appreciation. There are people to meet and experiences to have. So take your time. Enter the world of transformational travel with Judith Fein as the most compassionate guide. You will travel with your ears, eyes, heart, and soul wide open. You will veer off the predictable track and venture beyond the course of a traditional guidebook. You will naturally become a part of the culture of the places you visit. The people you encounter, the habits you observe, the ways of life you absorb along the way, will change you profoundly. You will discover your essence and with a different, richer, awareness of yourself, your trip will change your life. Yes, LIFE IS A TRIP is a wonderful read. It is a book of adventure, love, forgiveness, courage, friendship, respect, reflection, and challenge. More importantly, it is a guide book to looking (from a new perspective) at your own life and the people in it and the choices you make. Through Judith Fein’s willingness to get “up close and personal” wherever she goes, she gives us the courage to step onto paths that truly do transform us…not only while we are on the “trip” but for when we come home and re-consider the way we walk our own path.

Dale V. Atkins, Ph. D.
Author, Traveler, Psychologist NBC Today Show