What People Are Saying About
Judith Fein & Paul Ross

Paul Ross and Judie Fein gave a captivating and uplifting presentation to a very large audience at the Enchanted Lens Camera Club last week. It was informative, educational and enjoyable due to a combination of factors, including their presentation skills, their interaction (between themselves and with the large audience), the insight that they gave the audience on the photography skills necessary to be good travel photographers, as well as the tastes of what it was like to visit so many distant countries and cultures.   And this was of course accompanied by excellent photography.    We hope to have them back soon.
Dennis Chamberlain, President, Enchanted Lens Camera Club. PPA Master Photographer. PPA Certified Professional Photographer. PPA Councilor for New Mexico. Adobe Certified Expert – Photoshop and Lightroom.

To Whom It May Concern:
Travel writer Judie Fein was the featured speaker for the New Mexico Tourism Department’s Tangible Tourism Webinar on June 24, 2016.

She answered questions about how creating multi-dimensional, memorable experiences that attract visitors from all over the world, gives visitors a more enriching experience and increases their desire to return. The audience was made up of members of the tourism industry throughout the State of New Mexico.

Judie worked with the department to come up with content that would be interesting for the audience, and presented in an engaging way.

The department had positive feedback from participants regarding the content Judie presented during the webinar.

Heather Briganti
Communications Director
New Mexico Tourism Department

In my capacity as Assistant Expedition Leader for Cruise North Expeditions coordinating the on board activities for passengers, it has been a pleasure to work with Judie Fein. A noted author, Judie taught a travel writing workshop while we were cruising the Canadian Eastern Arctic. I participated in this workshop and was particularly struck by her ability to engage her audience and teach practical skills toward improving writing. Judie’s approach to facilitating the workshop was extremely effective and, within only a few minutes, all participants were comfortable and engaged. From the beginning, all participants were writing and sharing their ideas with the rest of the group and Judie guided us to improve our skills in a kind and constructive manner. Paul’s help and humor were also appreciated by everyone. My only regret was that there wasn¹t time to offer a follow up workshop.

Afterwards, comments included “wished we had done it every day from the beginning, as it would have deepened our appreciation of what we saw and did by writing about it”, “it reminded me of what made good writing.”

I am confident that anyone would be charmed and excited by meeting Judie and Paul and participating in their workshops.

Shoshanah Jacobs
Assistant Expedition Leader
Cruise North Expeditions

On behalf of the JCC of Greater Albuquerque it brings me pleasure to commend and congratulate you on your keynote address: “The Roots Beneath Our Feet – Discovering Our Ancestors in Ourselves” at our 2014 annual A Taste of Honey – Jewish Learning at its Sweetest event. Close to 200 attended, and I believe the comments below which were taken verbatim from participant evaluation forms attest to the excellence and poignant relevancy of your talk:

“Loved her enthusiasm – a wealth of knowledge…”

“Superb! Had goose bumps throughout the entire lecture – amazing!”

“I liked the concept of emotional genealogy”

“Entertaining, funny, wonderful speaker…”

“Very interesting, good sense of humor…”

“Very passionate about the subject; inspiring”

“Judith is always fascinating. “

 “Great personality and speaker!!”

“What a great storyteller!”

 “The most amazing story!”


“Powerful storyteller”

“Could really relate to Judith’s background though my shtetl is in Lithuania”

“Fantastic Person – Fantastic Mission”

“Great energy and story-telling”

“Great information – a gifted presenter”

“Fun, funny and way more interesting than I thought it would be”

“Outstanding, excellent presenter and I enjoyed it very much!”

Thank you for sharing your wisdom, passion, and information in such an engaging and entertaining way.  Your talk set the tone perfectly for the rest of the afternoon.

Though it was not formally evaluated, the ancestor ceremony you conducted at the end of the afternoon was very well received.  I heard several glowing comments. 

All the best to you as you continue your journey and share your story. Please feel free to have any potential host organizations contact me for a recommendation.
Phyllis Wolf, M.A.
Arts, Culture  & Education Director
Jewish Community Center of Greater Albuquerque

With their informative and inspiring advice regarding the audience-generated pitches, Judith Fein and Paul Ross made a huge impression on the attendees at the “New Rules of Storytelling and Public Relations” session. In fact, they generated great buzz during the TRENDS conference that was hosted by the New Mexico Hospitality Association. 

As extremely seasoned travel writers, authors, photographers, and experienced lecturers and workshop leaders on the topic of the art of storytelling, Judith and Paul have the unique talent of teaching best practices in a way that is humorous, memorable and allows listeners to leave with actual tools for implementing better storytelling in both PR and marketing for their given businesses/destinations. 
Jennifer Hobson-Hinsley, 
Board member and panel organizer
TRENDS Conference, hosted by the New Mexico Hospitality Association
“She’s amazing,” I heard. “Hilarious” another woman whispered to her friend. “Holy (profanity) this is fabulous,” came from a young man in the crowd. “Wait, she’s so cool I want to hangout with her,” from the mouth of yet another woman to her aging mother. Normally whispers during a speaking engagement are discouraged and seen negatively, (especially by the person who coordinated the event!) however, Judith Fein’s ability to engage the crowd created such an open arena for expression that even found myself muttering under my breathe “Wow,” and “This is absolutely amazing,” at numerous times throughout her talk. Words cannot describe how honored we at Vita Travel feel about having Judith Fein come for this special event–a program devoted to what Judith calls “Deep Travel.”   
– Daisy Stelzer (Executive Assistant to CEO, Vita Travel, Santa Barbara CA)

 You were absolutely fabulous as a Scholar-in-Residence, Judith Fein!  Participants were engaged, entertained, challenged, educated. Who could ask for more?
Joy Rosenberg
Director of Education
Temple Beth Shalom 

“An exceptional author appearance, in my opinion, is not just a matter of having a skillful writer on stage. A stand-out speaker must also know her audience and perform to and for them. Judie Fein was the best kind of presenter; she proactively sought out the needs of our community in advance and tailored her talk appropriately.  A Spoon from Minkowitz is a fascinating tale to be sure, but what was of equal excitement to the crowd was how Judie asked audience members to engage with one another—to share our histories in a meaningful, reflective way. Judie Fein delivers!” 
Scott Berzon 
St. Louis Jewish Book Festival 

I am so excited after your Sunday event. People want to laugh, feel engaged, and do something meaningful, and “Calling the Ancestors” delivered all of this, and more. Not only are you a compelling speaker and storyteller, but you made it interactive and helped everyone connect to their own stories and their own roots. There was great buzz about your book, The Spoon From Minkowitz, and about the novelty of the event. Many attendees asked if we could have you back. It was such a delight planning this experience with you, and then watching it unfold—with your talk, and then the art, writing, ceremony, and food components. I will never forget it.
Joy Rosenberg
Director of Education
Temple Beth Shalom
Santa Fe, NM

Award-winning writer Judith Fein spoke to the Northern chapter of New Mexico Press Women on the ins and outs of this rapidly changing environment in the publishing world. 

Using a direct, no-nonsense approach she guided listeners through the process.  While it might seem daunting for many newcomers, she reassured listeners that assembling the right team to produce a book is doable, affordable, and, ultimately, financially rewarding. She also shared her personal stories about navigating the process.
Judith Fein is an impassioned speaker who engages her audience, keeps on topic and leads a group through lively discussion. I would strongly recommend her as a speaker or workshop leader. 
Emily Drabanski, co-chair of the steering committee for the Northern chapter of New Mexico Press Women

I enthusiastically recommend author Judith Fein as a presenter about her new book, “Spoon from Minkowitz: A Bittersweet Journey to Ancestral Lands.” Judie gave a very informative and entertaining talk about the book at the Jewish Community Center of the East Bay in Berkeley, CA on April 3, 2014. Her humorous and touching presentation explained the disparate factors that led to her recent life-changing trip to her late grandmother’s Ukrainian shtetl, which the book chronicles, and made a compelling case for knowing one’s roots in order to better know oneself.

The audience asked thoughtful questions and offered personal comments, and many stayed to speak with Judie after her talk. 

Judie is a fine writer and speaker who offers a riveting personal Jewish story with wide appeal. In other words: a worthy Jewish cultural program.
Andy Muchin
Ideas, Arts and Jewish Life Coordinator
Jewish Community Center of the East Bay Berkeley, CA

It has been my extreme pleasure to host and curate Bone Voyage, an art event for author, performer, teacher, and storyteller extraordinaire, Judith Fein. The purpose of the show was to introduce the public to Judith’s new book, The Spoon From Minkowitz, a true life detective story full of humor about Judith’s search for her own personal ancestry. It also provided an opportunity for Judith to unveil the colorful, whimsical, and sparkling art she created from elk and bison bones, which she collected at Ted Turner’s ranch. I Invited 10 international artists to create art related to their own ancestry. Their work was available to view before, during, and after Judith shared her wonder -filled real life stories.

Judith’s husband Paul Ross, a photographer whose work visually enhances The Spoon From Minkowitz, was the hit of the art exhibition. Most memorable was a pull down shade with his photograph of a bullet pocked building, expressing the idea that you can’t hide the horrors of war.

I am thrilled to say that the event was a roaring success–standing room only, with a line snaking out into the lobby. Several people drove more than 50 miles to come to hear Judith weave her personal experiences into unforgettable stories, and to see the art.
Linda Storm, artist, art curator, gallery owner.

Paul Ross presented his photography, philosophy and vision to the Photography Group of the Santa Fe Newcomers’ Club. His talk was animated, friendly and extremely well received; not only because of the photographs but because of how he explained why he chose the subject, light, angle, and composition. His images are uncommon and fascinating. His kind and gentle teaching manner was greatly appreciated by all. Thanks, Paul.
Gloria Gordon, Newcomers’ Club of Santa Fe

Judith, your TEDx San Miguel de Allende talk was exceptional. Your capacity to unify everyone in the room with your travel stories – and then offer the invitation that we are all ambassadors when we travel– left many people feeling exhilarated and inspired. Gracias amiga for your participation!
Klaudia Oliver, director, TEDxSanMigueldeAllende

Dear Meeting or Conference Planner,

I can highly recommend Judith Fein and Paul Ross for your next Conference! Their workshops were a huge hit among the attendees.

I was pleased to have them lead four “Storytelling” Breakout Sessions during our 2013 Pennsylvania Tourism Summit in May. Each session built upon the prior one and built to a comprehensive learning experience with opportunities to interact and share. Their co-presentation style is upbeat, safe for the public speaking novice, and in a nurturing environment which allows participants to learn to tap into their own innate storytelling abilities in a manner which is hands-on, informative and fun. Their presentation inspires the attendees to describe and promote in new and creative ways. This is not a typical lecture but an engaging workshop with hands on exercises attendees could readily apply to real world situations.

And the workshops were well received by our attendees:

“The session was run extremely well and highlighted so many useful points and tips”

“Please bring back the Storytelling people. I would have loved to take that entire session; however, it coincided with the DMO Directors meetings.”

“More workshops/bootcamps like the “Storytelling” would be welcomed”
Abby Schrum
Pennsylvania Association of Travel & Tourism Director of Events
126 Walnut Street | Harrisburg, PA 17101
717-901-0220 | abby@patravelandtourism.org


REVIEWS from Participants: 

Thank you for this enlightening experience. I will truly use these two days of information throughout my life/career. Your class was vibrant and truly my favorite class since recess in middle school. I was intrigued and hooked. I hope to learn more from your book and blogs. I promise to pass it on.
Rebecca Carroll
Turkey Hill Experience

I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop at the PATT Seminar. I learned so much about what I thought I knew. It has changed my thoughts about how to relate to people I try to reach every day. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Best class since I have been attending educational summits.
Dr. Catherine Thayer, Convention Sales
Mount Airy Casino Resort
Pocono, PA 18344

I attended all four sessions of Storytelling and loved each and every one. Your sessions were by far some of the best Professional Development Programs that I have ever participated in.
Julie Donovan
Laurel Highlands

Seminar Evaluation: incredibly informative; refreshing to hear an editor/writer’s POV; Loved your enthusiasm and industry know-how;
Appreciated your candid and down to earth tips. THANK YOU!
Danielle P.
PR Professional

I attended only one session of storytelling and I loved it! I enjoyed your energy in presenting the topics and engaging our group of tourism professionals. Everything presented was great. Thank you!
Tiffany Brown
PA Dept of Transportation
(Welcome Center; Tourism Division)

Thank you both! I only attended one session but I wish I had attended all. I especially appreciated that you encouraged us to be ourselves and to be creative. It’s vital to our success and our health and happiness as people. Not enough people understand that. I am lucky––my husband and I are the only employees at the Potter County Visitors Association. Together, we can embrace this philosophy in our work. Come back next year!
Allison Armstrong

Very useful workshop. You helped get my creative juices flowing with great tips.
Lori Elliott, Exec Dir.
PA State Snowmobile Association

The Central Coast Writers’ Conference discovered gold with travel journalist and author, Judith Fein (Life is a Trip: The Transformative Magic of Travel), and photojournalist, Paul Ross. Not only did they mesmerize a standing-room-only cosmopolitan group with their tales of travel to exotic places and how exposure to different cultures will impact one’s life, but they involved their audience, transporting them on an interactive journey to lands yet to be discovered. Additionally, they designed and taught a travel writing boot camp that received rave reviews stating Fein and Ross are hands-down “the best travel writing and photography teachers ever encountered.” They presented enthusiastic, humorous, and comfortable sessions facilitating new ways their students could diversify and improve their writing, photography, and traveling skills. They are teachers who are willing to share their expertise, industry expectations, and the fine art of storytelling. Without hesitation I would recommend them to anyone, including industry professionals, who are looking for new ways to excite and engage their clients.
Judy Salamacha, Director
Central Coast Writers’ Conference at Cuesta College
San Luis Obispo, CA since 1984

Judith and Paul presented “Leaving Home to Find Yourself” at our recent Foundation for San Luis Obispo County Public Libraries special event. Our Board was pleased to have such a passionate and enthusiastic pair of travel/photo-journalists to bring to the Central Coast of California for a shared informational, experiential and spiritual event. The weather was beautiful, the wine was poured, the room was filled to capacity, a 100 year-old-traveler was in the audience and a sense of expectation filled the room as a uniquely-shared evening unfolded.

Judie and Paul moved the audience from tourists to travelers with their animated presentations and vivid photographs. It was fun to be with adventure-seekers of human experiences. The evening expressed the value of embracing diversity and finding one’s self so very much alive in the moments of unfamiliar and even awkward travel experiences. Judie knows how to dig beneath the surface to seek out the heart of local culture and opens the opportunity to be engaged with and to learn from the individuals one encounters when journeying. Paul’s photographs convey a genuine love, aliveness and fascination with what it means to explore this incredibly rich world of ours.

Clearly, Judie and Paul understand the magic of “leaving home to find yourself.” Even after book-signing, the audience seemed reluctant to leave, but finally departed the Library ready to discover and engage adventure even as they walked to their cars and headed home.
Jude Long and Joan Decker, Co-Chairs
Foundation for San Luis Obispo County Public Libraries

Rarely do we find someone with your gifts – your ability to share wisdom, creativity, ingenuity and strategic perspectives. And, all wrapped in a person sans ego, and who’s flexible enough to make several 180-degree turns within weeks, then days, then moments ahead of a planned keynote speech.

You jump-started our Summit with one of the most innovative programs delivered over the course of the past seven Adventure Travel World Summit events. You had people dancing, laughing, rolling, thinking, playing, dreaming, and much more. Who can claim that power? Judie Fein, and only she.

I truly value what you bring to the table. But, more than me, our ATTA President Shannon Stowell, our entire staff and even more importantly, our 600 delegates from 54 nations valued what you brought to the table. Here’s just one of the many recent notes following the Summit we received about you:

“Just wanted to personally thank you for bringing elements of surprise, excitement, theater and fun to the Summit this year – your enthusiasm is contagious; your sessions were truly inspiring and memorable, chock full of hands-on participation and take aways.”

Your workshops, both of which I sat in on for a while, despite being required at all other sessions concurrently, simply put the icing on your “performance” at this year’s Summit. You have great command without even trying. You yourself are creative and accessible. For that, on behalf of the ATTA team and the entire 2010 Adventure Travel World Summit delegates, we extend our deep gratitude.
Chris Doyle
Vice President, Adventure Travel Trade Association www.adventuretravel.biz
Editor, AdventureTravelNews.com

As keynote speakers, Judith Fein and Paul Ross made our weekend seminar sizzle. Their insights into building a successful freelance writing business inspired our attendees. This dynamic duo’s preparation made it easy for everyone to understand their unique tips and techniques. Their motto is Live to Leave, but it might as well be Live to Lead.  

While we enjoy reading Fein and Ross’s bylines, we can’t wait to see our members use their new skills and earn their own independent story credits. 
Peter St. Cyr
Program Manager
Society of Professional Journalists–Rio Grande Chapter 

The reviews are in…and the overwhelming conclusion is that Judie Fein was a great enhancement to our week-end gathering of supporters of a rabbinical college at a resort outside of Albuquerque.

Judie and her husband, Paul Ross, have traveled and written extensively. They have had a particular interest in the far-flung Jewish and crypto-Jewish communities of the world. Since they make their home in New Mexico, they have had the opportunity to meet with and document the stories of descendants of the hidden Jews in their own community.

Complemented by Paul’s video work, Judie’s presentations on the crypto-Jews of New Mexico enlightened and entertained. Judie’s knowledge of her topic goes far beyond the dates and facts and statistics. She helped us to get to know those individuals, in the US and in other parts of Latin America, who want to reclaim their status as Jews, as well as the interest of those who yearn for more complete understanding of their heritage without abandoning their Christian faith.

Her passion for these explorations came through in her formal talk, the question and answer period that followed and those opportunities for informal conversation over the course of the week-end.

It was a privilege to learn from Judie and Paul. In their evaluations of the week-end, participants indicated that got a great deal of pleasure from this portion of the week-end’s activities. The couple’s expertise and enthusiasm provided us all with knowledge, insights and an increased understanding of the history of the Jews in this area of the country. They were a great enhancement to the event, exceeding my expectations!
Susan Beckerman, vice chair, board of governors
Reconstructionist Rabbinical College

Judith Fein gave a talk entitled “Finding Your Bliss While Making A Living” at our September luncheon meeting of the Association of Women in Communication-Albuquerque Professional Chapter. I had attended several of her talks/performances, read her book, articles, seen her and husband Paul Ross’ films and very enthusiastically invited her to be a guest speaker. The results surpassed my expectations which were already quite high.

First of all, as I had hoped, Ms. Fein was a drawing card, attracting guests from the community as well as many members who don’t regularly attend. She really connects to the audience and develops instantaneous rapport. The audience was captivated, mezmerized, and when her alotted time was up, half the audience lined up to talk to her personally afterward. She is warm, funny, honest, insightful, interesting, entertaining, intelligent, and surprising.

The evaluations came back with 98% rating the speaker as “excellent”-unprecedented unanimous big ‘thumbs up’. We are hoping to bring Ms. Fein back next year and do a bigger program with her as a featured speaker. She is absolutely one of, if not, the best speaker we’ve had. In short, Judith Fein is everything you could possibly want from a guest speaker and then some.

I highly recommend Judith Fein for any organization looking to pump up its members, bringing them together for a memorable event which they will refer to as a benchmark for future guests.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like any further information.
Phyllis Wolf
AWC/Albuquerque Program Chair, “Finding Your Bliss While Making a Living”
Personnelity Performance Solutions, Inc.

On behalf of Travel Learning Connections and the attendees of the Educational Travel Conference, we appreciate your participation as an integral part of the presentation team. We have received great feedback on your inspirational plenary presentation, and on your follow up writing workshop. The audience comments below summarize well your outstanding presentations.

Keynote – Thinking Outside The Bus: Making group travel a personal adventure!

“Funny, fabulous, inspirational! Best session yet in this conference.” Can’t get enough! Give Judie more time!” “One of the best sessions ever seen at ETC!” “Outstanding speaker – very informative, very entertaining.” “Dynamic, engaging, well presented session – very informative – great public speaker.” “Fantastic! Energy and enthusiasm is just what I needed by this time of day. Judie is inspiring!” “The best speaker we had so far! Judie should have been our opening speaker!”

Workshop – Getting Travelers Excited About Travel: Starting with your own Experiences

“Need a higher rating than 5. It doesn’t cover the quality of what was offered in this session. Over the top – way more than expected.” “Amazing – unbelievable! And I am not the only one who has said this. Judie had the entire audience bonded by the end.” “Judie provides excellent value and specific ideas for a diverse audience like ETC. She should be invited to future sessions.”

It was a real pleasure to meet you and Paul and work with you this year; we look forward to working with you in the future!
J. Mara DelliPriscoli
Founder, ETC
President, Travel Learning Connections, Inc.

Thank you so much for being my guest on SpiritTalkLive! You were fabulous–informative, insightful, poignant and passionate.

You are an adventurous globetrotter, an an enthusiastic, articulate spokesperson for the joy of travel. But, even more, you seek out the world of Spirit and the spiritual in all that you do… as you span the world, connecting ideas, and ideals and, most of all, people. I am very very grateful to you for sharing your deep spirit with our listeners.
Rabbi Wayne Dosick

Thank you so much for your recent presentations to Beth Shir Sholom! I am still hearing the positive responses: “She was really fascinating, wasn¹t she?” “It was soooo interesting!” “When are we going to New Mexico for a program with Judith?!”

One thing for which I must recognize in particular is your ability to deliver an age-appropriate presentation to our older religious school students. They were truly engaged and fascinated by the material you presented.

Later in the day, the adult presentation was energetic, informative and entertaining. You set the stage beautifully for the video you brought which highlighted many of your remarks that preceded. Your work with the “hidden Jews”and with unknown or little-known groups of Jews around the world is not only enlightening, it is deeply important and, with your seemingly boundless energy and commitment, will become a cause among the established Jewish communities in the world.

Thank you for your passion and for your excellent research. We truly enjoyed your being with us and encourage others to reap the benefits of a visit from Judith Fein!
Rabbi Neil Comess-Daniels
Beth Shir Sholom
Santa Monica, California

The Texas and New Mexico Hospice Organization was privileged to have Judith Fein as one of our Plenary speakers for our annual meeting. Her presentation, “Native Healing: A Global Perspective,” included stories from around the world including sessions she and her husband Paul Ross experienced with healers ranging from a Zulu sangoma to an Inca yachak. Included in Judith’s presentation was her training with a curandera in central Mexico, and a film the duo made inside that world.

Judith shares her incredible curiosity most effectively with her audience and fit her presentation into the world of Hospice and acceptable treatment of the terminally ill, world wide. The response was overwhelmingly favorable. We thank Judith for the wonderful presentation and can fully recommend her to any organization who is looking for a lively, thought-provoking and most timely presentation about Health Care around the world
Sarah Rochester RN, Committee Chair, 26th Annual Conference, Texas and New Mexico Hospice Organization

Judith Fein was the keynote speaker at our annual “A Taste of Honey.” The audience was filled, and people listened with rapt attention as she spoke about Unknown Jewish Communities Around the World. She was informative, entertaining, and very well received. One of the attendees summed it up on an evaluation form: “She was informative and enjoyable–it’s not just a taste of honey–it’s a feast!”  Another commented, “What a treat–great information and knowledge, and we need a week with her!” Many in our audience suggested that she come back to do a full-day workshop, or at least a two-hour presentation to allow time for her deeply moving commentary as well as her husband’s film clips from all the places she spoke about.

Later that afternoon, Judith gave a workshop on Jewish Healing Traditions, which was an experiential and deeply moving event. Again, the comments were overwhelmingly positive. “Bring her back and give her more time!” sums up the reaction of the participants.
Paula Amar Schwartz, Ph.D,  Co-Chair A Taste of Honey
JCC of Greater Albuquerque, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Having greatly enjoyed her syndicated articles, me and my event chairs were delighted to have the opportunity to invite Judie to speak on the topic, “Unknown Jewish Communities around the World.” Although we certainly expected an informative evening based on our familiarity with Judie¹s writing, we were delighted by the unexpected depth and drama of her outstanding presentation.

Judie had the attendees absolutely fascinated with her tales of travels to obscure communities, and made her talk not only vastly educational, but deeply personal as well. Moreover, I found Judie to be a delight to work with: wonderfully personable, and highly sensitive to the goals of our fundraising event.

I would highly recommend Judie for audiences either intimate or large, and for any organizer hoping for an event both unique and meaningful.
Sam Sokolove, Executive Director, Jewish Federation of Greater Albuquerque

I cannot begin to tell you how much joy, inspiration, humor and teaching you bring to Temple Beth Shalom. Your evening about mystical, spiritual Israel was a revelation to me and to everyone in the audience. Even people who thought they knew everything about Israel were agog at all the healers, holy spots and ecstatic ceremonies you spoke about. The sanctuary was packed, and the audience was riveted with attention on every word you said, and on the rare video footage. You have a real gift as a storyteller, Judie. People laugh and learn at the same time; this is quite unusual. And of course Paul is a born performer.

This was the first time we have had a program in our sanctuary where Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Sikhs and Christians sat side-by-side, all mesmerized by what you were saying. Your performance was so inclusive‹it covered everything from Jewish mysticism to a Bedouin healer to an Arab sleeping prophet. Besides being performers, you are also peacemakers.
Deborah Weinberg, Program Director, Temple Beth Shalom

Judith Fein is one of the liveliest and most engaging speakers I have ever had at my congregations–both of them–in Kansas City and, before that, in Sharon, Pennsylvania. She travels the world and brings back stories about little-known and exotic Jewish communities and even parts of Israel few people know about. She has a gift for presenting important information in a very entertaining way, and when she finishes, people are excited and satisfied. She is humorous, a humanist, and a magnet for interesting stories. What more could I ask for?

Her partner, Paul Ross, is also a very entertaining speaker,and he presents videos that are vibrant, interesting and highly unusual. He has filmed many intriguing groups–including the crypto Jews of New Mexico, the black Lemba in South Africa, the Jews who live on the island of Djerba, and the Samaritans praying in their synagogue and speaking ancient Hebrew. People are moved and fascinated by the people he films and the way he presents them–with sensitivity, intimacy and drama.

I would recommend Judith Fein as a speaker to any group, and I would also recommend Paul Ross as a speaker and videographer.
Rabbi Jacques Cukierkorn
The New Reform Temple
7100 Main Street
Kansas City, MO 64114

On behalf of The Men’s Club of Congregation B’nai Israel, members and non-members who attended the August 3rd. breakfast, I want to thank you for your passionate, well informed and inspiring presentation on the Lost Tribes of Israel. For most of us, we were not aware of these tribes and their locations that date back to Aaron and Moses. You took us on a fascinating journey that was enhanced by your husband Paul’s video footage of some of these groups who trace back to our ancestral origins. You have a rare gift for story telling as well as being able to access remote places and people and gain their trust so they open up their worlds to you. We look forward to future accounts of your travels. Thank you so much once again for bringing these stories and experiences to our synagogue and sharing them with us. You have widened our consciousness.
Robert Lewis,
Program Developer, CBI Men’s Club

Thanks so much for your wonderful presentation today to Northern New Mexico Press Women. Many of our members mentioned afterwards that they were very appreciative for the cutting-edge information you both shared and were inspired to start pitching articles with what they learned from you. We all enjoyed the passionate and enthusiastic way you presented your information and experiences. We also appreciate all the time you gave us. You were most memorable speakers!
Jean Kepler Ross
Northern New Mexico Press Women

Judith Fein and Paul Ross have been involved with “The Savvy Traveler” since its inception. They have a great nose for stories — they can land anywhere in the world and within hours come up with an intriguing, riveting tale. I’ve seen it happen numerous times.

They consistently delve beneath the surface to find the heart and soul of a story. They find content and connection that others miss and they tell their stories with a voice that engages and connects — makes the audience feel a part of the action. They are natural performers, easy to work with, very collaborative, and highly dependable. I recommend them without reservation.
Benjamin Adair, Producer, “The Savvy Traveler”

As director of the Koret Gallery of the Albert L. Schultz Jewish Community Center, I recently had the pleasure of inviting and hosting Judith Fein and Paul Ross as presenters at the opening reception of our exhibit and program about Djerba and the Tunisian mainland. Judith presentation was more than just a talk; her dynamic, witty and dramatic way of conveying a great deal of fascinating information totally engaged our audience. Paul’s high-quality and colorful video and talk added an important visual component. People surrounded them for a long time afterwards. Judith Fein and Paul Ross are among the best speakers/presenters I have had the opportunity to work with in my 15 years of being director here.”
Nancy Gordon, director/curator 505-955-0712

“As senior editor of Hadassah Magazine, I have had a long association with Ms. Fein and I know her to be an indefatigable and thorough researcher, who has literally traveled far and wide to learn about and record stories of some of the most fascinating communities, including the Crypto Jews of Brazil and the oldest extant Jewish community in the world on the island of Djerba.”
Zelda Shluker, Hadassah Magazine

“The advent of the New Year gives me an opportunity to congratulate you on the wonderful and very interesting program “Unexpected Tunisia.”
 Nejmeddine Lakhal, Press Attache, Embassy of Tunisia

“Your talk was mesmerizing. I loved it. You were direct, funny, and I thought the organization was good. Thanks for doing all those sacred investigations and sharing them with the rest of us.
Janet Eigner, psychologist

“I am writing to recommend the team of Judie Fein and Paul Ross as excellent presenters. Their presentation was fascinating; full of vivid details and colorful anecdotes, and very informative. It was done in a very lively and engaging style. They were extremely receptive to questions from the audience and were surrounded by many enthusiastic listeners for many more questions after the formal presentation was over.”
Rachel Biale, the Osher Marin JCC

“Thank you very much for speaking to the AJPA members at the association’s annual conference. Your colorful presentation brought to life aspects of Israel not often discussed as you took us on a trip through generations of time in a mere 60 minutes. We look forward to following your travels. On behalf of the AJPA, thank you for sharing your talents and expertise with our members.”
American Jewish Press Association

“I was very happy to be there with you two last night. You presented such a beautiful view of Israel and Palestine; I am inspired to go there myself. The performance was wonderful, very funny, original, irreverent and interesting. Congratulations!”
Bill Druc, structural engineer

“As I have mentioned before, and all others in the room wholeheartedly agree, the reason we are so willing and available to go to all of your talks and gatherings is because of what comes out of your brilliant and beautiful mouth. We would follow you anywhere, we would listen to you speak about anything, because we all have so much faith and trust in your path, your knowledge, your angle, your brilliant deductions, your Biblical history, your love of different cultures, ancient and meaningful cultures, your interest in what makes us tick, and what has made us tick since the beginning of time.”
Therese Williams, Gerald Peters Gallery

“Before I read Judith Fein’s ‘Passover of the Ancients, ‘ I had no idea the Samaritans still existed. It is such a little-known culture, in fact, that a co-worker who is from Holon, Israel–one of the two communities where the small culture still survives–did not know of their existence. And yet Fein’s thorough research explained, in an easily comprehensible manner, how they have gotten to where they are today. What really set her story apart was the way she subtly introduced her own voice and interests into the piece. The first time she uses the first person is a tender and true moment. Hers is a warm, telling, powerful pieces that transports readers to a world they never knew existed. It is one of the very best of its kind”
Micah Sachs, editor-in Chief, San Diego Jewish Journal

“What a wonderful evening you offered to the audience–thank you! The talk and video were delightfully complementary, and you are both captivating storytellers.”
Louise Rubin, mother, architect, web designer

“Jim and I enjoyed your evening of stories and video last night. Thank you for sharing that with all of us! You have had such remarkable experience in your travels: I especially liked your story about going to the Bedouin tents. You have a gift for storytelling and Paul’s video footage amplified it.”
Edith Hathaway, Vedic astrologer

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