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“Judith Fein and Paul Ross offer information regarding our cultural differences that takes us, on a heart level, beyond the propaganda that would keep us apart.”

Marianne Williamson, Author, Talk Show Host

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The duo have contributed to more than 105 magazines, newspapers, blogs and websites, including the L.A. Times, National Geographic Traveler, Boston Globe, Robb Report, Dallas Morning News, Hemispheres, the Jerusalem Post, Sierra, Organic Spa, Wine Enthusiast, New Mexico Magazine. Click here for a list of articles.
They were regular contributors to Public Radio’s Savvy Traveler, and have done stories for All Things Considered, Marketplace, and the BBC. Judith has appeared on national TV shows, including The Today Show. They have both appeared on countless radio and TV programs in New Mexico, where Paul also does voice overs. The couple has taught in Guatemala, Mexico, Austin, San Diego, Scotland, Ohio, Pennsyvania, Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and on a ship in the Arctic.  Judith is also an award-winning playwright. To further understanding among people of all cultures and religions, Judith conceived and directed a series of wisdom circles in New Mexico and Arizona. She has a special interest in healers and healing, and, as the couple travels the world, Paul films unusual and intimate sessions with traditional healers. Judith also writes about native healers and teaches classes on the secrets of Hebrew healing. And anyone who travels with Paul knows about his expertise in hands-on healing modalities. 
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